This blog exists to share everything I have learned in photography. When I was first learning, I’d spend hours seeking certain kinds of knowledge, and that’s exactly what I’d like to share here: the hard-learned lessons, the successes, the failures.



I’d like to teach tricks about organization for files and flash filters. I’d like to share lighting setups for my shots and the thoughts that justify those setups. I’d like to talk about how important it is to care about your subject and how hard that care is to learn. I want to share all the knowledge that I have so that you can be the best photographer you can be!

I put a lot of myself into my photography, and I’m doing my best to make photography my career. I’m learning everyday, and I’d like for you to come along for the ride and learn with me, too!


And always feel free to ask me questions here, comment on my Flickr if you’re intrigued by a particular photo, chat with me on Facebook, or give me a shoutout on Twitter if you like the blog.

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