Hi there! My name’s Justin Lanier. I’m a young photographer from the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I tell stories with my images.

I’ve made a good start in the world of photography as a high-schooler, with a feature on Strobist, an internship with celebrity photographer George Holz, and a show among 200 other artists.

For the last couple years I’ve spent my time developing confidence in the technical side of photography. I read Strobist religiously, read all sorts of books, and shot. A lot. I began a 365 with the hope of becoming proficient with my strobes. I pushed myself very far in doing my 365, and quit about halfway through; irregardless, I got what I wanted: I could light exactly how I wanted to.

I want to show other budding photographers all the steps that it took me to get where I am. I want to answer all the simple, and seemingly simple questions that befuddled me when I began shooting. I want to help others the way I have been in my few years of photography.

A good place to start with my blog is the welcome page.


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